From the work office to The Tax Office.

This is your new favourite destination for lingering dinners and after work wind downs or ups.

The Tax Office focuses on serving delicious and thoughtfully crafted meals, designed by our Group Executive Chef, Richard Harris for guests to dine frequently and easily. Patrons can enjoy a selection of appetisers, share dishes, mains, and desserts, with an emphasis on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

As the evening progresses and diners debate the merits of the ‘one more’ indulgence, the transition into late night begins. The establishment creates a lively and energetic atmosphere with live entertainment and open spaces for dancing. Booths get filled and the energy rises.

The Tax Office offers patrons a combination of delicious food, comfortable seating and a vibrant late night ambience. A multifaceted experience awaits where they can socialise, dine and dance all in one venue.